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We get asked a lot about the widths of rings.


-Most importantly this entirely comes down to personal preference.

 -You are unique, and so is your ring. Be important. Be yourself. 


From our experience over the years, here's the most popular widths: 

        Women: 4 mm (2-6 mm)

        Men: 8 mm (4-8 mm)


Here's a few terrible photos of my hand in the shop with some different widths that we make. 




9 US - 4 mm:

Thorum | 4 mm Men's Ring | Handmade Titanium Wedding band


9 US - 6 mm:

Thorum Width | 6 mm Ring | What does a 6 mm ring look like?


9 US - 8 mm:

Thorum | 8 mm width ring


We now offer ring sizers, so you can get sized in the comfort of your home!


Thorum Ring Sizer


As always, if you have any questions we'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to us:



4/2/20 -- Caleb




  • Can you get “The Archer” in a 6mm wide?

  • Just wondering if the Thor band could be done in a 6mm?

    Ryan Fellers
  • Can you get the hammered copper and black tungsten ring in the 6mm width?

    Greg Olson

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